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Delhi & Agra

Guru Purab

24/11/2007 - 25/11/2007

Place of event: New Delhi

Guru Nanak was the leader of Sikhs who enlightened people with his teachings and preaching. The festival celebrating his birth is Guru Purab, which is also known as 'Prakash Utsav'. The celebration starts from three weeks before the main event. Processions, locally called 'Nagar Kirtans' , are taken out through the city streets. The holy book, 'Guru Granth Sahib' is recited in the gurudwaras; this recitation is called Akhand path. The recitation continues for three days and ends on the final day of the event.

On the main day of the event, the holy book is decorated with flowers for the final celebration. Special lunches, called 'langar', are served to the devotees as well as to all passers-by. Everyone, irrespective of caste, culture is invited to partake of this special food. This act reinforces Guru Nanak's secular teachings.

The gurudwaras in Delhi are decorated with lights, which are the symbolic representation of 'enlightenment'.

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